Is there VAT to be added to any of your services?
No. As a small company you benefit from our services being exempt from VAT. This saves you 20% on our larger competitors’ fees.

What are my responsibilities as a Client of Turquoise Noise?
The better you understand the process the more you get out of it. Please check our FAQs and read all correspondence carefully, particularly the letter of appointment that accompanies our quotation. If anything at all is unclear please ASK – most questions will have been asked before! We do request that you don’t engage with Planning or other authorities without discussing with us first – negotiations can sometimes be delicate and we are committed to getting the best possible outcome on your behalf. Lastly, please pay invoices promptly – we will inevitably jump onto other projects whilst waiting for payment and this can sometimes cause short delays. We would prefer to keep your project high on our priorities.

Why do you not quote for Building Regulations drawings at the start?
Unless you are in a desperate hurry to start building work, we strongly recommend waiting until Planning is resolved before we start work on the Building Regulations drawings. This is because your project can change during the design process (discussions with you) and the planning process (discussions with the Planning Dept) so we will not have an accurate picture of what level of detail will be involved until then. To quote earlier than this would require us to assume a ‘worst case’ scenario, potentially costing you more. In order to avoid the sense that costs are ‘snowballing’ we do, however quote for each stage of the design before starting any work on that stage.

What about the Party Wall (etc.) Act?
Party Wall issues can often be resolved by serving notice on your neighbour(s) where applicable and when detailed drawings are available. We can provide you with standard letters to do this as part of the Building Regulations package. If your neighbour(s) are happy to sign and return within the set time period you may not need to do anything else. If not, or if a Party Wall Award is still required we can recommend an independent Party Wall Surveyor to handle this for you.

Can I build over or near drains?
Generally yes. Where possible we will map your drainage direction and depths at the time of our survey to determine what is public under the current guidance. We will allow for an application to your drainage provider (eg. Thames Water) as part of your Building Regulations package if this is deemed necessary. Fees to the provider will apply.